a support group for vampires who were turned as children or adolescents. a bunch of small, melancholy kid-shaped vampires sitting around in somebody’s living room talking very seriously in tiny voices about current events in the vampire world. a lot of them dress…


Highlights of the new “Mockingjay” trailer



Demon!dean is going to be a complete and utter fucking psychopath and I cannot WAIT

Ah yes, a new addition to the list of psychopaths we’d all like to bang


things that are okay

  1. queer hogwarts students
  2. muggleborns at hogwarts headcanons
  3. in-depth analyses of the hogwarts’ houses
  4. neato graphics
  5. new in-text/in-movie connections 

things that are not okay

  1. sad stories of george living in a world without fred



does he know

does Chris know how often he goes for the left boob grab




Better question: does RDJ know


[aggressively supports and defends jared padalecki because he is an amazing human being with a core of kindness who sometimes says the wrong thing but shouldnt be attacked or demonized for it you psychos]



#clearly kid erik to kid charles

Someone please do this


Things that are important in the season 10 teaser:

  • Sam saying that he hates demons to Dean
  • Dean chasing Sam with an axe
  • Sam looking really scared like a puppy
  • Sam doing something really bad while searching for Dean
  • Dean’s sex hair
  • Dean’s hella sexy demon eyes
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy” 
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy”


Steve calling Bucky Buck (◡‿◡✿)

Bucky calling Steve Stevie  (⊙‿⊙✿)


oh my god


oh my god


Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!


You would think that maybe Tony would be genre-savvy with the whole renegade-destruction-robot-apocalypse thing, but no




someone write a superhero story where the lady in the ensemble gets fed up for not getting the respect she deserves so she becomes the villain and manages to beat up all her teammates and rules the world


You go Shego


this again………………………………


this again………………………………


modern dragon aus though

lucifer is thousands of years old but he was banished and cursed by his family a long time ago (back in the dark ages), so now he sticks to his human form and lives in detroit 

meanwhile sam works as a tattoo artist with his brother because his dreams of being a lawyer didn’t pan out, and one day lucifer comes in and sam’s just kind of in awe because this guy really rocks the whole urban cyberpunk thing—tribal-looking tattoos up one arm and painted, sharpened fingernails, leather pants and a hooded vest over his v-neck, and even what looks like golden contacts

and when sam asks him if he wants to get something done, lucifer says that for now he’d just like to watch him work and decide if he wants something later (and then sam can see that, holy shit, the guy even has his tongue split)

he seems to be gone before sam’s finished with the person he’d been working on, but lucifer comes again the very next day and asks if sam can do something to cover up the huge scars on his back—identical on either side of his spine, and sam’s extremely curious as to how those got there but it’s definitely not the sort of thing to just ask a person

"i was thinking dragon wings," lucifer says, and sam tells him that if he wants it detailed then he’s gonna have to come back a few times for touch-ups (which of course is great for both of them, since they’d really like to see more of each other)

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